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Pelion: the mountain of the Centaurs. According to the Greek mythology it was the summer residence of the gods and the homeland of the Centaurs. The whole mountain is full of forests with tall beech trees, oak trees, plane trees, wild chestnuts, pine trees, dense wild vegetation and numerous aromatic plants and herbs. Many ancient poets and writers such as Homer characterize Pelion as “multimedicine” for its variety of healing plants.

The richness of the mountain in vegetation from ancient times until today is combined with the myth of Centaur Chiron, who was a mythical creature with half human body and half horse. Centaur Chiron was the greatest mythological healer of Greek antiquity and a symbol of eternal wisdom, that existed before the formation of the gods. He taught Asclepius (the god of medicine worshiped all over Greece during antiquity) the medical art. The Centaur Chiron used many plants for his treatments and chose Pelion to make his cave precisely because of its great variety in vegetation.
On this magical mountain, at the 5th kilometer on the road from Portaria to Chania (at Old Chania to be more specific) you will meet the sales shop of our family organic farm, with a fantastic wooden cascade as a signature. It is a wonderfully decorated and hospitable place where our family members will introduce you to the tasting of all farm products such as extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, olives, apple cider vinegar and honey. With decades of tradition in beekeeping, we produce 10 different exquisite kinds of honey such as fir, orange-lemon, blossom, chestnut, vanilla fir, oak, arbutus, forest, thyme, etc. with wonderful flavor and amazing scent.
Here you will have the chance to taste all these honey varieties, learn everything about beehives, see old and modern beekeeping tools and have fresh royal jelly, fresh pollen, propolis, natural beeswax and honeycomb.

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